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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Owning an Electric Vehicle in Malaysia

If you’re considering owning an electric vehicle (EV) in Malaysia but have reservations about safety and practicality, it’s time to clear the air. Malaysia’s interest in EVs is growing, and this article will debunk common misconceptions while highlighting the benefits of adopting sustainable transportation through Cycle & Carriage.

Misconception #1: Limited EV Chargers

Contrary to popular belief, Malaysia is expanding its EV charging infrastructure. Major establishments offer DC and AC chargers, and more are on the way. Shopping malls now provide convenient charging options. Apps like Setel, JomCharge, ChargeEV, and ParkEasy help you locate charging stations easily. Home charging stations are also an option. Mercedes-Benz EV owners enjoy DC fast charging at select Cycle & Carriage locations in Peninsula Malaysia, with more deployments planned.

Misconception #2: Unsuitable for Long Road Trips

EVs are suitable for long road trips with careful planning. Apps like Plugshare and ABRP help you find charging stations along your route. The Mercedes-EQ series offers a WLTP-rated travel distance of up to 782km on a single charge, ensuring ample mileage between chargers. Cycle & Carriage’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance is ready to support you in case of issues.

Misconception #3: Higher Costs and Maintenance

While electric vehicles have a higher initial cost, long-term advantages outweigh it. EVs require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced expenses. EV charging costs, whether DC or AC, are generally more cost-effective than petrol refueling. By choosing EVs, you contribute to a more sustainable future both financially and environmentally.

Transitioning to an electric vehicle is a smart choice, offering financial and environmental benefits. If you own a Mercedes-Benz, Cycle & Carriage’s Trade-In service allows you to upgrade to a Mercedes-EQ model with hassle-free car valuation. Embrace an electric future and go green on the road! For more information, visit www.cyclecarriage.com.my.

Text by Auni Nahwah

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