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Dermatologists Spill 5 Skincare Taboos

In the grand symphony of human health, our skin is the unsung hero, protecting us from the world outside. Neglecting this vital organ can have consequences, warns Dr. Aaron Morgan, a seasoned dermatologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. In this exclusive exposé, we delve into the top five things a dermatologists would never do, unveiling the secrets to radiant and healthy skin.


1. Picking Your Skin: A Dermatologist’s Nightmare

“Hands off!” says Dr. Morgan.

It may be tempting to play detective with your skin issues, but picking at rashes, scabs, or acne is a cardinal sin in dermatology. Dr. Morgan reveals that this seemingly innocent habit can lead to unsightly scarring and, worse yet, increase the risk of infection. Instead, he advises treating skin concerns appropriately to avoid long-term consequences.

2. Smoking: Not Just a Lung Offender

Inhaling wisdom: Dr. Morgan weighs in on the smoking-skin connection.

Smoking is a notorious health villain, and its impact extends to the skin. Dr. Morgan emphasizes that smoking can induce dry, uneven skin and foster deep facial wrinkles. If that’s not motivation enough, smokers are also more susceptible to skin diseases, and their bodies recover more sluggishly from cuts and scrapes. A stark reminder that the price of a puff extends beyond the lungs.

3. Tanning Beds: A Tan at What Cost?

“Bronzed beauty, but at what risk?” asks Dr. Morgan.

Yearning for a sun-kissed glow? Think twice before stepping into a tanning bed. Dr. Morgan unequivocally states, “there is undeniable evidence that tanning bed use significantly increases the risk for skin cancer and should always be avoided.” Consider alternative methods for achieving that radiant hue without jeopardizing your skin’s well-being.

4. Sunscreen: The Shield Your Skin Deserves

Dr. Morgan’s prescription: SPF, and lots of it.

Sunscreen isn’t just a beach accessory—it’s a shield against the sun’s harmful rays. Dr. Morgan emphasizes the importance of a high SPF and recommends mineral-based options like zinc or titanium. Not a fan of the white cast? Fear not, as Dr. Morgan assures us that mineral-based sunscreens are both safe and effective. Don’t forget to reapply based on sun exposure, and consider additional measures like umbrellas, shade, and protective clothing for a comprehensive defense.

5. Skin Growth Vigilance: Ignorance is Not Bliss

“A stitch in time saves nine,” says Dr. Morgan.

Our bodies evolve, and so does our skin. Dr. Morgan urges against complacency when it comes to new or changing skin growths. Timely intervention, he notes, is key to preventing potential issues. While it might be nothing, a watchful eye can catch problems early, making them far less likely to become troublesome. Your skin, after all, deserves the utmost care and attention.

In conclusion, our skin deserves the utmost care and attention. By adopting healthier habits and avoiding the pitfalls outlined by Dr. Morgan, we can strive for not just glowing skin but overall well-being. Remember, your skin is your body’s first line of defense – treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

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Written by Joe Jerimi

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