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iQIYI and Grab Malaysia Present #CedokLife: A Tribute to Everyday Heroes

In celebration of Malaysia Day, iQIYI, the leading Asian streaming platform, has teamed up with Grab Malaysia to unveil a heartwarming Malaysian-themed mini-series, #CedokLife. This exclusive series is set to premiere on iQIYI on September 16, 2023.

Celebrating Everyday Malaysian Heroes

CedokLife provides viewers with an intimate look into the daily lives of Grab drivers and delivery partners. Through their stories, the series shines a light on their dreams, aspirations, and the daily challenges they encounter while serving the community.

Ministerial Support and Cultural Significance

The series received an exclusive preview attended by Minister of Communications and Digital, YB Fahmi Fadzil, on September 12, 2023. Minister Fahmi Fadzil praised this partnership as a positive step for the industry. He emphasized its role in not only fostering the local film scene but also in sharing the rich tapestry of everyday Malaysian stories with a wider audience.

Spotlight on Emerging Talent

CedokLife features a cast of emerging talents from Malaysia’s entertainment industry. These individuals have already made their mark in various local films and TV series. The series offers them a platform to showcase their skills and deliver compelling performances.

A Tribute to Unsung Heroes

This mini-series serves as a tribute to the unsung heroes who serve at the forefront of daily life. Namely, Grab drivers and delivery partners. It celebrates their unwavering dedication to their dreams, embodying the true Malaysian spirit. Beyond appreciation, #CedokLife sheds light on the significant role that gig economy workers play in our lives. They also show how they positively impact the everyday experiences of Malaysians.

CedokLife will premiere exclusively on the iQIYI app and iQIYI International (www.iq.com) on September 16. It promises to be an engaging and heartfelt tribute to the everyday heroes who make a significant difference in the lives of Malaysians. With its focus on the aspirations and challenges of Grab’s partners, the series is set to resonate with audiences, offering a glimpse into the resilience and unwavering spirit of Malaysians.

Text by Auni Nahwah

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