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Ivan Young X Maristar KL,’A Line of Fashionista Vol. 5.’

Fashion brand Ivan Young joins forces with Maristar KL for Vol. 5. of ‘A Line of Fashionista.’ This collaboration seamlessly blends nightlife with fashion, as Maristar KL stands as the trendiest destination in Kuala Lumpur, uniting the most fashionable individuals and cultivating the fashion scene.

Ivan Young’s 2024 Collection

Jane Tan and Elle Tan, Ivan Young’s founders, express joy in presenting their 2024 vibrant Chinese New Year collection at Maristar KL. The collection unveils couture, reflecting the brand’s timeless elegance and commitment to craftsmanship.

Curated Elegance on the Runway

“We were thrilled to bring Ivan Young’s latest 2024 collection to the stage of ‘A Line of Fashionista Vol. 5’hosted by Maristar KL,” expressed Tan and Elle Tan, Founder and Creative Director of Ivan Young. “Our vibrant colour palette and designs tailored for the Chinese New Year perfectly resonated with the celebratory vibe of the event.”

A Fusion of Styles: Luxury Silk and Iconic Seams

Prepare to be enchanted as Ivan Young presents not only their latest collection but also their most iconic categories: the Luxury Silk Collection and the Iconic Collection. The Luxury Silk Collection boasts designs crafted from 100% mulberry silk, emphasizing sophistication and comfort. On the other hand, the Iconic Collection, with signature elements like ostrich feathers and crystal stone fringe, offers a glamorous and versatile look suitable for any occasion.

Ivan Young
Ivan Young

Unveiling at Maristar KL

The unparalleled fashion spectacle unfolded at Maristar KL, The Starhill. KL’s fashion people experienced a mesmerizing display of Ivan Young’s creations. Unveiling 16 exclusive outfits that contributed to the brand’s distinguished fashion narrative, specifically tailored for the festive season.

Maristar KL, witnessed the convergence of fashion and luxury as Ivan Young’s latest collection “A Line of Fashionista Vol. 5” hit the mini runway. Shop the latest collection online here.

Written by Joe Jerimi

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