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Martell Noblige Swift Nights: Reimagining Nightlife

Swirling Elegance: Martell Noblige Swift Nights Series Elevates Party Culture

Martell Noblige Swift Series

Martell Noblige Swift Festival

As the velvet night unfurls its splendour, Maison Martell unveils the latest iteration of its avant-garde celebration: the Martell Noblige Swift Festival. This genre-bending, culture-blending bash that mixes the best of East and West, will culminate on 25 Nov 2023 at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) that will be headlined by the sensational DJ Hyo—or Hyoyeon, a South Korean K-Pop singer from Girls’ Generation.

Complimentary Passes to a World of Swift Wonders

Entry to the Martell Noblige Swift Festival is complimentary. Reserve your place by registering online, or gain VIP privileges with Swift Access by purchasing Martell at Martell Noblige Swift Nights events, Pernod Ricard Malaysia’s Flagship Store on Lazada, or their Official Store on Shopee before the festival.

A Carnival of Sensory Delights

Martell Noblige Swift Festival
DJ Ice

From the harmonic quintet Siena Girls to the Malaysian internet phenoms 3P, the festival features an array of Asian pop and EDM luminaries, including the Swift Duo, Nahsyk, and the victor of the Martell Noblige Swift Talent Quest DJ competition, all ready to transfix the audience with their musical prowess.

Nurturing the Next Cultural Vanguards

Martell Noblige Swift Festival

Maison Martell firmly believes in enabling cultural architects. To that end, Martell has also launched the Martell Noblige Swift Talent Quest which aims to support and elevate local talents in creative fields to the grand stage. In the current DJ edition, Martell is partnering with  DJs Playground, Malaysia’s Best Pioneer DJ Certified Academy for 2023, to identify and nurture budding DJs who exemplify the spirit of “Soar Beyond the Expected” and elevate their careers.

The Grand Prize: A Launchpad to Stardom


The Talent Quest has shortlisted 14 DJs who have been selected to perform at the Martell Noblige Swift Nights. From there, 8 DJs will be selected via public online voting here from 29 Sep to 12 Nov 2023 and during the Swift Nights events; and proceed to the grand finals on 18 Nov 2023. 

The winning DJ will play a pivotal set in a major, much-anticipated Martell Noblige Swift Festival this November—a spectacle that’s sure to be the talk of the town. Beyond the spotlight, they’ll receive prizes totaling up to RM30,000 comprising cutting-edge Pioneer DJ gear, RM10,000 in cash and a supply of Martell Noblige.

Transforming Nightlife into a Kaleidoscope of Culture

Martell will also be taking over seven high-energy clubs across Malaysia for its Martell Noblige Swift Nights events between 29 Sep and 10 Nov 2023. Each of the Swift Nights is meticulously curated to offer a distinctive fusion of music, fashion, and dance, encapsulating the “East Meets West” ethos. Beyond just a party, these events transform Malaysia’s premier clubs into neon-lit realms where visual art, fashion, and immersive entertainment converge, crafting a multi-sensorial experience that redefines the conventional night out.

For more details, visit swiftnights.martell.com

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