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RADC Jakarta Secures $5.41M Funding, Crafting a Global Niche in Clean Beauty

Unleashing Creativity in the Beauty Landscape

In the heart of Jakarta, an illustrious announcement echoes—Rosé All Day Cosmetics (RADC), a beacon of Halal-certified beauty, has secured a game-changing $5.41M in Series A funding. This resounding success catapults RADC into a strategic position, poised to dominate the local makeup and skincare arena and expand its footprint overseas.

A Brief Overture to Rosé All Day Cosmetics

Founded in 2017, RADC Jakarta has etched its name as a paragon of high-quality, clean-beauty solutions. Cruelty-free and environmentally conscious, the brand celebrates natural beauty, inclusivity, and sustainability. With a portfolio ranging from makeup to skincare, RADC has captured the essence of contemporary beauty trends.

RADC Co-founder, CMO and Head of Product Development Tiffany Danielle and RADC Co-founder and CEO Cindy Nyoto Gunawan

Blossoming into Success: The Series A Funding

This funding feat, led by SWC Global with support from AC Ventures and DSG Consumer Partners, follows RADC’s meteoric rise. The beauty brand witnessed a fourfold increase in annual revenue in 2022, a crescendo followed by an impressive sixfold growth in 2023. This financial windfall reinforces RADC’s strategic decisions, highlighting the successful fusion of product traction, diverse distribution channels, and unwavering customer loyalty.

Indonesia’s Beauty Landscape: A Lucrative Canvas

As Indonesia’s cosmetics and skincare markets burgeon—valued at $800 million and $2.4 billion, respectively—RADC stands at the cusp of an opportune moment. The country’s dynamic Millennial and Gen-Z demographic, a robust GDP per capita projection, and a burgeoning e-commerce landscape create a canvas where RADC’s vibrant strokes resonate.

A Symphony of Support: SWC Global’s Perspective

Wendi Xiang, Vice President of SWC Global, underlines the confidence in Indonesia’s economic trajectory. Captivated by RADC’s product quality and design, SWC Global envisions the brand becoming a premier, home-grown beauty label in Indonesia. The investment transcends mere financial backing. It’s a strategic alignment aimed at connecting RADC with Chinese consumers and fortifying the supply chain.

RADC’s Vision: Crafting Beauty Beyond Borders

Tiffany Danielle, Co-founder of RADC and a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, expresses excitement about the partnership. The collaboration signifies a significant step in elevating RADC’s market presence in the Asia Pacific. The infusion of capital is earmarked for broadening nationwide distribution and expanding into ASEAN countries. Additionally, it will drive innovation and technology across RADC’s product spectrum.

Nurturing Talent, Expanding Horizons

With a focus on maintaining brand equity, RADC plans a strategic expansion of its team. This includes catering to a diverse consumer base. Key hires in departments like marketing, social media, operations, finance, and product development underscore RADC’s commitment to sustained growth.

Continuing the Melody: AC Ventures’ Perspective

Michael Soerijadji, Founder and Managing Partner at AC Ventures, commends RADC’s resilience and innovation. The ongoing support reflects AC Ventures’ ethos of backing transformative companies from their early days. This reinforces RADC’s status as a beacon in a transformative beauty industry.

In the ever-evolving symphony of beauty, Rosé All Day Cosmetics emerges as a crescendo. It paints the industry with its commitment to clean, inclusive, and sustainable beauty. for more updates, follow their Instagram

Text By Zaharah Roslan

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