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Spain Introduces New Halal Tourism Travel Guide

Introducing a comprehensive travel guide tailored for Muslim Travelers eager to discover Andalusia, Spain’s Southern region. This guide offers a convenient resource for discovering must-see attractions, top destinations, accommodation options, and valuable recommendations for Muslim-friendly dining experiences in Spain.

by Adriana Ozlan

Spain Caters to Muslim Travelers

As part of Spain’s endeavour to enhance awareness of its commitment to catering to the needs of Muslim travellers within the country, this initiative comes to the fore. “We are very excited about the Guide,” commented Monica Sanchez, Spain’s Tourism Counsellor in Singapore. “We believe it is a promotional tool that we have been missing, especially given Andalusia’s rich Islamic history and heritage. Andalusia is a popular destination for Muslim travellers, but its halal offerings are still largely unknown in South East Asia.”

Panoramic view of famous Alhambra de Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

The guide serves as a valuable resource aimed at spotlighting all the practical facets that render a destination like Andalusia more enticing for those seeking halal travel experiences.

A Guide that Goes Beyond Offering Halal Food

Their strategy goes beyond simply offering Muslim travellers halal food and places of worship. They recognize and have taken into account their cultural practices, traditions and sensitivities.

In fact, Let’s Go Halal, a Spanish Muslim company specializing in Halal Tourism and manager of the online platform www.letsgohalal.com produces the content of the guide.

A promotional campaign that includes publications on Southeast Asian platforms in English and Bahasa Indonesia, social media postings and six videos that will be gradually released on Spain Tourism Board’s official YouTube channel.

Andalusia for Muslim Travelers showcases an extensive list of places in Andalusia that offer halal options. Besides its food, this region is also renowned for its mosques and rich Islamic heritage. This is a land of culture, history, fiestas, natural landscapes and outstanding monuments such as the beautifully preserved Moorish architecture, and the Alhambra Palace.

Patio De Los Leones in Alhambra of Granada

Discover the splendour of Al-Andalus and take inspiration from the unparalleled Islamic heritage and beauty of Andalusia. Bookmark this new Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide now!

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