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UNIQLO Paris Opera: Revamped and Redefined

UNIQLO, the renowned global apparel retailer, has unveiled its newly renovated Paris Opera store, marking a momentous event for fashion enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike. Situated in the heart of Paris, the revamped store embodies the essence of LifeWear, symbolizing the dynamic spirit of both the city and its people.

Preserving History, Embracing Evolution

The UNIQLO Paris Opera store maintains the historic exterior façade that dates back to 1866, paying homage to its rich heritage. However, it’s not just a restoration; it’s a transformation. The sales floor area has been expanded to 2,265 square meters, creating a more spacious and immersive shopping experience. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a grand staircase, reminiscent of a theater entrance, providing a glimpse of the store’s three captivating floors.

Taku Morikawa, CEO of UNIQLO Europe, shares, “Since its opening in 2009, UNIQLO Paris Opera has served as a showcase for the UNIQLO brand in Europe, welcoming not only local Parisians but also many visitors from around the world. We hope that this renovation and our partnership with the Paris Opera will serve as a point of exchange between the cultures and lifestyles of Paris and Japan, and will help bring UNIQLO LifeWear from this extraordinary city to the world.”

UNIQLO’s Unique Partnership with the Paris Opera

UNIQLO Paris Opera
UNIQLO Paris Opera Campaign

UNIQLO’s reopening of the Paris Opera store brings more than just fashion; it brings culture to the forefront. For the first time ever, UNIQLO has formed a partnership with the Paris Opera, an institution deeply steeped in art and history. As part of this collaboration, UNIQLO becomes the official partner for “My First Time at the Opera” from September 2023. This program offers families their inaugural experience of opera or ballet at a special rate. Adults can attend for just 25 euros, and children for 10 euros.

The promotional campaign for the store reopening showcases seven ballet dancers from the Paris Opera. They represent the campaign’s tagline, “Au rythme de Paris (At the rhythm of Paris).” This campaign vividly captures the vibrancy and artistic dynamism of Paris, illustrating how UNIQLO LifeWear seamlessly complements the bustling lives of Parisians who hold their city’s world-class fashion, cuisine, and art in high regard.

Repurpose and Redesign with RE.UNIQLO STUDIO

In the expanded sales area of UNIQLO Paris Opera, customers are in for a treat. The RE.UNIQLO STUDIO offers Parisians a unique opportunity to extend the life of their clothing. With a deep understanding of fashion, Parisians can now access repair and remake services that will allow them to enjoy their LifeWear for even longer. Exclusive to the Paris Opera store is an embroidery service featuring a wide range of motifs inspired by both French and Japanese artistry.

Staying true to the RE.UNIQLO concept, a limited-edition fleece jacket will be available exclusively at this location. The jacket has been upcycled by the young Parisian industrial designer Tom Ducarouge. It’s not just fashion; it’s a blend of sustainability and style.

UT and UTme! – UNIQLO celebrates Art and Culture

UNIQLO’s graphic T-shirt brand, “UT,” takes center stage on the ground and basement floors of the Paris Opera store. This collection prominently features T-shirts with motifs inspired by Japan’s traditional and pop culture, catering to the eclectic tastes of Parisians. Expect to find ukiyo-e prints, Japanese sake, manga, and more.

The UTme! service allows customers to design their own T-shirts and tote bags with original artwork. Exclusively at the Paris Opera store, you’ll find design options featuring motifs from local artists like Tom Ducarouge. There are also collaborations with popular local stores and souvenirs that capture the essence of Paris.

Cashmere Sweaters and Beyond

Since its grand opening in 2009, UNIQLO Paris Opera has gained a reputation for its exquisite cashmere sweaters. These sweaters have captured the hearts of Parisian customers of all generations. To celebrate the store’s reopening, an impressive selection of 50 colored cashmere sweaters will be available. They will be offered at special prices, ensuring luxury fashion is within everyone’s reach.

Simultaneously with the store’s reopening, UNIQLO will globally introduce UNIQLO: C by Clare Waight Keller. Plus, the Paris Opera store will offer an exclusive preview of the Uniqlo U 2023 Fall/Winter collection. This sneak peek begins on September 15, preceding its worldwide release.

At the UNIQLO Paris Opera store, fashion meets culture, celebrating Paris and Japan’s essence. Simultaneously, it preserves history while embracing the future.

Text by Zaharah Roslan

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